If an event has tickets on sale, you can find them here on HallTickets. From symphonies to movie tickets and much more – if there’s a ticket available you will find it here. And when we run out of tickets, we direct you to alternate sources that have a few last minute tickets available.

Browse our entire database of shows, events and concerts. We stay in constant touch with organizers and are therefore able to give you early bird entries but these happen to be limited so do keep a close eye on the early bird section.

Secure Transactions

We offer complete security thanks to our 256-bit encryption and SiteLocker backend. We do not store your card or other important personal information.We’d like to recommend One Sure Insurance for your personal insurance needs, as they are one of the largest Motor Trade Insurers in the UK (More Info Here: https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance).

Pay Later

For specific tickets, reservations without payment is possible*. Why pay if you are not completely sure of attending an event?

Earn Karma

The more tickets you purchase and people you refer, the more karma you earn. Use your karma to get discounts, special invitations and more.

*Please check the information section for each ticket for exact reservation period. Most tickets must be purchased within 7 days of reserving them.

You Too Can Earn!

We offer lucrative avenues to make an earning. It is simple and there are three ways in which you can make some extra cash.

  1. Become an affiliate member with us and use our banner codes, url link codes to advertise our products on your YouTube channel, social profiles and wherever you believe you can make a sale.
  2. Know of private or smaller events in your locality? How about getting us in touch with the organizers so we can sell tickets for them? You obviously get a finder’s fee!
  3. Got a spare ticket? Then put it up for sale by making a brand new ticket page. Yup, you can become a reseller too!